Dante's Arizona: The Original Motion Picture

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This is the revised edition of Dante's Arizona. It now has new scenes, and has been cleaned up considerably from the premiere version. Enjoy!

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Dante's Arizona Soundtrack

1. Incorporated--Dead Hot Workshop

2. Ned's Revenge--Chicken

3. Pay Your Dues--Mossy Rocks

4. Untrained--First Water

5. Raven--Easterling and Gildersleeve

6. Red Sky Waltz--Flathead

7. Phx--Chicken

8. Same Horse--Gloritone

9. Where's the Grey?--Hans Olson

10. Brand New--Ghetto Cowgirl

11. Don't Fuck With My Man Kyle--Sons of Serro

12. Whose Side Are You On?--The Gas Giants

13. Javier--Gloritone

14. Kill the Rich--Steppchild

15. Mercedes--Dead Hot Workshop

16. Grey Sails--Nicholas Holthaus


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