Apologies to any for misspellings or miscrediting!

(in order of appearance)
n (The Pilgrim) Nicholas Holthaus
Street woman acting homeless Corrine Nielson
Wolfess Gloria Ammann
Lionness Corinne Nielson
Leopardess Dawnese Hustad-Agnick
Jehova Mormon #1 Dallis Hughes
Jehova Mormon #2 Matt Miller
Crusty #1 Nathan Tallent
Crusty #2 Jacob Tallent
Charon Johnnabah Betsui
Ken the Bouncer Tim Tallent
Lia Dawnese Hustad-Agnick
Homer Paul Cook
Horace Courtney Hannafin
Aristotle Richard Brent
Coin Succubus Tammy Rios
Death Jason Parker
Succubus Melissa Burch
Francesca Aja Evans
Paolo Kyle Keniston
Ed the Trailer Park Queen Leann Dixon
Trailer Park Goth Josh Smith
Cats Michelle Mann
Kurt #1 Kurt Klinger
Kurt #2 Louie Ingram
Rodney the Fratboy #1 Mark Eshelman
Rodney the Fratboy #2 Sam Tjarda
Jimmy the Jackalope Hans Olson
Heavy #1 Scott Hinkle
Heavy #2 Kyle Tederous
Heavy #2b Jeff Reinhart
Heavy #3 Nick Scropos
Heavy #3b Mohamed Hegazy
Roger Bacon Dennnis Skolnick
Waitress Kathryn Reyes
Drug Dealer Named Sue Baron Dixon
Kim Kim St Clair
Craig Greg Swanholm
Steve the Title Jerk Steve Fox
Betty the Title Bitch Tonetta Weaver
Mr. The Rattlesnake Diablo
Middle Class Punk #1 Angel Ortega
Middle Class Punk #2 Miguel Ortega Lagos
Middle Class Punk #3 Richard Zimmerman
Andrea Samantha Hall
Ghost Rider #1 Jason Parker
Ghost Rider #2 Jason Ryan
Sodomite Investor #1 Travis Farrell
Sodomite Investor #2 Deon Allen
Usurer (n: banker) Sean Nungary
Stu the Planner Elliott Rehm
Bradley the Banker Brad Stoddard
Attendee #1 Kip Mann
Michael the Hacker Chris Shill
Fire Demon Nicholas Holthaus


Director Nicholas Holthaus
Assistant Director Brendt Parrish
Director of Photography Jason Ryan
Production Manager Brendt Parrish
Editing Dave Brown
Editing Nicholas Holthaus
Editing Franckie Bennedeti
Editing Mark Weaver
Editing Tonetta Weaver
Editing Danny Udall
Editing Joseph Formichella
Editing Frank Burnsed
Grip/Gaffer Sean Nungary
Associate Producer Rick Semlow
Associate Producer Jason Parker
Associate Producer Josh Smith
Associate Producer Tamera Martin
Associate Producer Marlee Wertin
Associate Producer Matt Miller
Set Design Deon Allen
Artwork Deon Allen
Makeup Lizzy Campbell
Makeup Nancy Zilversmit
Makeup Aja Gaeth
Aerial footage pilot Matt Miller
Snake handler Zack Ziesing
Tunis Second Unit grip, Stunts Jason Banicki
Mr. Allen's personal assistant Deenie Allen
Visual Effects Baron Dixon
Visual Effects for Fire Demon Mark Weaver
Raw audio cleaner upper Michael N Post
Foley/Final sound editor Nicholas Holthaus
Boob Adjustor Baron Dixon
"WTF!?" and Biohazard Urinal Cleaner #2 Mr. Sting Ray
Guy off camera drinking beer Mark Weaver

Camera: Jason Ryan (principle), Tom Williamson, Brendt Parrish, Nicholas Holthaus, Baron Dixon, Josh Smith, Sheryl Wagner, Jose Yanez, Danny Udall (additional footage of orgy scene), Maria Pina (additional footage of orgy and Casey Moore's scenes), Tony Stirpe (additional footage of Casey Moore's scene)

Sound (monitor, boom, etc): Brendt Parrish, Nicholas Holthaus, Baron Dixon, Jason Ryan, Sheryl Wagner, Tom Williamson, Pete Murrill, Corrine Nielson, Aja Evans, Kylie Babb

We'd also like to thank the following for their various levels of support:

ALL the extras, especially John Black, Andrew Fisher, Magnus and Connie, Tondra Shephard, Tina Marriott

Mark, Hannah, and all at Nita's Hideaway

Gus's Pizza

Chef Tim, George, and all at Frasher's Smokehouse, Scottsdale

Patti and all at Casey Moore's

Kim and Dana at Alwun House

Mike at German Corner Restaurant

Ron Kaczor at Cave Creek Mistress Mine

Paul Priest and all at The Long Shot

Todd Volz, for recapturing tapes when all our hard drives crashed

Shannon Frick, for help with the site, and for all the other little things during the production of the movie

Jon Dorn, Grant Palmer, and Annette McGivney at Backpacker Magazine

All those who've helped with stills (Mary Johnston, Nicky Hadayet Zadeh, Rick Semlow, et al), securing locations, and all the other intangibles that go on behind the scenes

All the musicians--too numerous to name--who've given their unconditional support

Ann Ortiz


Lastly, Ed Holthaus and Susan Salatino